Friday, February 19, 2010

A Nice Day Made by a Kind Student

Hello Everyone,

It has been so busy here at UDM. I have not had time to post. But today I feel the need to write and share my thoughts.

As a mathematics professor it gets easy sometimes to think the worse of students. I have been lucky this term to see some very good students making progress. I get happy when I see weaker students make progress in their math courses and as a consequence they feel more confident about themselves. That is wonderful.

But today I had a positive encounter with a student in a nonacademic situation. It was lunch time and I went to the loft to get my salad and bottle of water. I went to the cashier and he rang up my items and told me the total. I looked in my wallet and discovered that I had no money. I could not even charge the total to my credit card because there was no credit card reader available. So I was stuck. Then out of the blue a kind hearted student, her name is Rachel, told the cashier to put my items and hers on her Titancard. I tried to tell her that her kind act was not necessary, but she insisted and afterwards I thanked her and I again insisted that I pay her back. But she told me that was not necessary and just to enjoy the rest of the day and my lunch. I thanked her again and we both smiled and continued our day.

I just want to thank Rachel again for her act of kindness. Even though it was no big deal, 4.00 dollars, her act was worth a million to me. Thanks for your kindness. I hope to return the favor for someone else.